Here's an image to remind you of what summer looks like.



Snow on the fields.

It snowed briefly yesterday evening and was -2 degrees earlier when I took "the boy" for his morning tramp across the fields.

Snow on the fields

iPhone 11, edited in Lightroom.


Rockefeller Centre, NY.

Rockefeller Centre

This is a photo taken in March 2019 from the viewing platform of the Rockefeller Tower, NY.


Spotted on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh



Monday Music Mix: Album of the Week

This week's new album is New Long Leg from Dry Cleaning



Easter Sunday afternoon ride


Black and White Wreck

old wrecked boat


Which path to take?

ladscape photo

View of Sutton Benger, Wiltshire.


Currently reading: The First Time Lauren Pailing Died by Rudd, Alyson 📚


View from Barbury Castle, Wiltshire


Finished reading: Cathedral by Ben Hopkins 📚

Cathedral book cover

Three Tulips.

Three tulips

Here's a photo of a group of tulips, processed in Lightroom to desaturate the background to make the flowers the heroes.

📷 🌱

An attempt at making a high key photo in Lightroom.

High Key flower photo

📷 🌱

Morning walk across the fields with the dog



Post work, pre-dinner ride

Interesting, that was about the same time for this route as in April 2020, but 10 mins off my best effort last July. Things can only get better.


Spring lamb.

Photo taken in Lacock, Wiltshire whilst on a photography course.

Spring lamb photo


Venice in B&W.

Gondola photo

Here’s a classic photo of gondolas I took in Venice a couple of years ago..


Saturday morning ride

CUBE Analog


Ladies on a beach.

Sticking with the beach and B&W theme, here’s a photo I took in Murcia, Spain a couple of years ago.

ladies on a beach


Dorset coastline March 2020.

Here's a pre-lockdown photo from March 2020 to remind us that there is something to look forward to at the end of the current restrictions

dorset coast


Another black & white image, edited in Lightroom

Vincent motorcycle engine detail

This was taken a few years ago and I’ve always liked the detail around the engine and gearbox.


Working with Ulysses &

Ulysses logo I have recently started to use Ulysses for all my long and short-form writing and was intrigued to read that the authors added the ability to publish to in the latest release.

I built my website on WordPress using the Extra theme and Divi builder from Elegant Themes. Whilst I’m happy with the features and functionality that Extra & Divi provides, it’s difficult to justify the annual cost of around £85 a year for a hobby blog.

Ulysses posts to WordPress but the formatting doesn’t work with the Extra theme, so wasn’t really a viable option. This limitation, coupled with the cost, were the reasons behind why I was looking for an alternative blogging platform.

Setting up Ulysses to post to was simple and took less than a minute. Exporting to is also straightforward — you just select “Publishing” as the export option and select the blog to post to, it’s status (draft, publish or schedule when it’s posted) and choose a category.

Been playing with black & white in Lightroom.

coastal photo

This was taken in pre-lockdown 2020 when we managed to grab a long weekend in Dorset.


Photos from the Rockefeller Centre, NY viewing platform.

Rockefeller viewing telescope

We visited New York in March 2019 and booked a trip up the Rockefeller Centre. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy and we were presented with a whiteout, so photographing the NY skyline was out of the question and meant that I had to concentrate on the details.


Monday Music Mix: Best of 2021 (So Far) Spotify playlist

Here's my Best of 2021 (So Far) Spotify playlist. Please check back from time to time as I'll be adding to it throughout the year.