The inevitable photo of a beer drinker’s first post-lockdown pint in a pub since Christmas Day.

empty beer glass photo


Summer Rose.

Another photo from last summer to remind us that it won't be long before we can feel the warmth on our skin again.

colour graded photo of a rose

📷 🌱

A picture is worth 1000 words.

Spotted on a hoarding in Bristol.



Early morning walk with the dog.

This is a quick iPhone snap from about 6:45am today when I was out with the dog for a tramp around the fields. The light on the trees opposite from where I took the photo was perfect. It's a shame the iPhone doesn't really do it justice.

landscape photo

iPhone 11, Lightroom app, processed in Lightroom Classic



I took this using my Sony a6300 and 16-70mm lens at 70mm. The camera was connected to my iPad via WiFi and I used the Sony app to remotely fire the shutter. The shot was hampered by the short lens and the WiFi signal, which meant i had to position the camera further away from the feeder than was optimum.

blue tits feeding photo


Monday Music Mix: Album of the Week

This week's new album is This is Really Going to Hurt from Flyte



This is what I was presented with when my 90 year old father said that he’d forgotten his password for his 10 year old Dell laptop. I bought it for him so I’m expected to mend it. I’m a Mac user and haven’t used a PC for a decade. No backups, no disks, help!

dead win xp screen

Early morning in the garden.

It's not as warm as it looks!

garden photo


Thanks to everyone that responded to my earlier post when I mentioned that I was struggling with CSS styling for my Archive page, especially @jeannie and @mariovillalobos

Black & White Fishing Gear.

I took this photo a few years ago when on holiday in Florida.

Fishing gear photo


Moved to

I’ve just completed the signup process for a subscription and will be moving some posts from my old WordPress site across to over the coming days.

I’ve decided to use the Arabica theme for the web and have made a couple of small changes to the Archive page, to keep links looking the same across the site — I didn’t like the Nav bar looking and behaving different from the Categories on the Archive page. I just need to work out how to get the Categories to display horizontally now. I tried to use CSS to style them, but whilst I can change colours, etc., “display: inline” doesn’t work as you’ll see below.


Happy to take advice from anyone who has more experience using CSS than I do — which’ll be pretty much everyone.

My next challenge is to style the dates on the Archive page to look like the dates on the rest of the theme.

Still to do:

  1. Decide whether to keep my old domain name and transfer it to

Oh, by the way, this post was written in Ulysses and published direct to the blog.


Here's an image to remind you of what summer looks like.



Snow on the fields.

It snowed briefly yesterday evening and was -2 degrees earlier when I took "the boy" for his morning tramp across the fields.

Snow on the fields

iPhone 11, edited in Lightroom.


Rockefeller Centre, NY.

Rockefeller Centre

This is a photo taken in March 2019 from the viewing platform of the Rockefeller Tower, NY.


Spotted on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh



Monday Music Mix: Album of the Week

This week's new album is New Long Leg from Dry Cleaning



Easter Sunday afternoon ride


Black and White Wreck

old wrecked boat


Which path to take?

ladscape photo

View of Sutton Benger, Wiltshire.


Currently reading: The First Time Lauren Pailing Died by Rudd, Alyson 📚


View from Barbury Castle, Wiltshire


Finished reading: Cathedral by Ben Hopkins 📚

Cathedral book cover

Three Tulips.

Three tulips

Here's a photo of a group of tulips, processed in Lightroom to desaturate the background to make the flowers the heroes.

📷 🌱

An attempt at making a high key photo in Lightroom.

High Key flower photo

📷 🌱

Morning walk across the fields with the dog