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I have recently started to use Ulysses for all my extended and short-form writing and was intrigued to read that the authors added the ability to publish to micro.blog in the latest release.

I built my website on WordPress using the Extra theme and Divi builder from Elegant Themes. Whilst I’m happy with the features and functionality that Extra & Divi provides, it’s difficult to justify the annual cost of around £85 a year for a hobby blog.

Ulysses posts to WordPress, but the formatting doesn’t work with the Extra theme, so it wasn’t a viable option. This limitation and the cost were why I was looking for an alternative blogging platform.

Setting up Ulysses to post to micro.blog was simple and took less than a minute. Exporting to micro.blog is also straightforward — you select “Publishing” as the export option and select the blog to post to, its status (draft, publish or schedule when it’s posted), and choose a category. 📝