Figure - verb

  1. An awesome beast who figured in Egyptian legend: feature, appear, be featured/mentioned, be referred to; participate, play a part, play a role, be conspicuous, have prominence, have a place; star.

  2. A way to figure the values: calculate, work out, total, sum, reckon, compute, enumerate, determine, evaluate, quantify, assess, count, add up, put a figure on, tally, totalise, gauge; British tot up; rare cast.

  3. North American informal I figured that I didn’t have much of a chance: suppose, think, belief, fancy, consider, expect, take it, suspect, have a sneaking suspicion, sense; assume, dare say, conclude, take it as read, presume, be of the opinion, trust; deduce, infer, gather, glean, divine; North American guess.

  4. North American informal ‘Rosemary’s away.’ ‘That figures.’: make sense, be understandable, seem reasonable, stand to reason, be to be expected, be logical, follow, add up, stand up, hold up; ring true, be convincing; be likely/probable, go without saying.