I’ve flipped between both over the years, but currently using Spotify as I got a free six-month subscription when I bought a Sonos sound bar before Christmas. That’s about to expire, and it’s time to stump up £9.99 a month.

The question is, should I go back to Tidal or stick where I am?

I listen to music on my MacBook, iPad, my phone and a couple of Sonos speakers located throughout the house. We also have a Naim streamer in the lounge, which means that I can make the best use of a high-quality source as provided by Tidal’s HiFi tier.

Spotify uses its Connect technology to send music to the Naim, whereas Tidal integrates with the Naim app, making for a more involved experience.

The only way to solve the puzzle is to have a sound off, play the same track on Spotify and Tidal and check whether I can hear a difference between the two to justify paying £20 a month for Tidal.

I’ve signed up for a 30-day Tidal trial. Let the games begin!