I’ve just completed the signup process for a Micro.blog subscription and will be moving some posts from my old WordPress site across to micro.blog over the coming days.

I’ve decided to use the Arabica theme for the web and have made a couple of small changes to the Archive page, to keep links looking the same across the site — I didn’t like the Nav bar looking and behaving different from the Categories on the Archive page. I just need to work out how to get the Categories to display horizontally now. I tried to use CSS to style them, but whilst I can change colours, etc., “display: inline” doesn’t work as you’ll see below.


Happy to take advice from anyone who has more experience using CSS than I do — which’ll be pretty much everyone.

My next challenge is to style the dates on the Archive page to look like the dates on the rest of the theme.

Still to do:

  1. Decide whether to keep my old domain name and transfer it to Micro.blog

Oh, by the way, this post was written in Ulysses and published direct to the blog.