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Blogo, the popular desktop offline blogging platform is now available on IOS and I’m writing this review on my iPad.

I was was lucky enough to try the beta version but hadn’t managed to get time to post anything apart from a test post to this site. I’m now running the App Store version, which is what I’m using to write this.

Blogo is available as a free download, which allows you to manage one website. The ability to manage multiple sites is available as an in-app purchase, which also provides additional features such as Evernote synch.

Setup Blogo

It’s pretty straightforward to connect to your blog. You are offered WordPress, Blogger, Medium & self-hosted WordPress. This is a self-hosted WordPress blog so I selected that option, entered the URL, use and password and I was off.

Blogo synchronises your blog posts:


Blogo posts

There are quite a few settings:


Blogo settings screen

I won’t go through all of them as they are all pretty self-explanatory.

Writing a post

This is a straightforward exercise, but there are a few areas where you’ll need to experiment. For instance, adding Headings isn’t obvious but is easy once you’ve worked out to double-tap to bring up the text menu.

Also, adding an image or html is achieved by pressing the icon with three dots in the bottom left corner. However, you have a lot of control over images, which are sourced from the camera, documents or library. It’s also possible to modify an image colour, make it B&W and add meta data before adding to the post.

Blogo image adding menu

Once added, double tapping on an image brings up further options such as alignment.

Categories, Tags and Featured Images are easy to add.

Blogo post almost finished

Publishing Your Post

Once your post is complete Blogo offers you can preview using your site’s or a generic theme then if your happy it’s time to post.

You need to press and hold the “Publish” button and watch the bar until it completes and it’s done.


i think this will be a useful addition to my blogging tools, although there are a couple of annoyances. For example, when composing a post Blogo doesn’t always default to uppercase at the start of a new paragraph but this is minor.

I think it will be useful to sketch an article out whilst on the move or to make a quick update but not as my main method of writing a post.

Try it yourself and let me know how you get on.

More info here: