I first heard Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin at a gig organised by Black Duck Folk at Steam, Swindon at which, they announced that they were renaming themselves and releasing a new album as Edgelarks.

The new band name comes with a new project, building on the roots of their previous work in British traditional musics, Indian classical slide guitar, stomping roots beatbox harmonica….yes really!

I pre-ordered the album on Bandcamp and it arrived today, ahead of the official launch on 6th October.

Track Listing

  1. Landlocked
  2. No Victory
  3. Signposts
  4. Undelivered
  5. Yarl’s Wood
  6. Caravan
  7. Estren
  8. Iceberg
  9. Song of the jay
  10. Borders
  11. What’s the Life of Man?
  12. The Good Earth
Edgelarks cover

Blurb from Bandcamp

This album is about transitional spaces. Liminal places, people and times, the straddling of boundaries and thresholds; crossroads and borderlands; travellers and refugees; dusk and dawn. The pause between an old way and a new. The idea that, despite often being places of marginalisation, these are also places of change – and therefore places of hope. That, when social norms break down, when you are between two established worlds, there is a chance for new perspectives. That in the end, we have far more in common than things that divide us, because we are all liminal – we are all standing on the threshold of tomorrow. We are all just passing through.